Research Sources and Info on the Paines

(The links below include both pro- and anti-conspiracy sources)

“JFK Assassination – Key Persons” documents on the Paines at the National Archives – Hundreds of pages of original documents from the FBI, Warren Commission, HSCA…

The Ruth Paine House Museum in Irving, TX

THE JFK CASE: THE TWELVE WHO BUILT THE OSWALD LEGEND (Part 11: The Paines Carry the Weight) by Bill Simpich

Mrs. Paine’s Garage – 2003 biography on Ruth Paine by Thomas Mallon

New Evidence Regarding Michael & Ruth Paine – Steve Jones and Nancy Wertz

General Assassination Research & News

JFK Assassination Records at NARA

Mary Ferrell Foundation

Kennedys and King (Formerly CTKA)

Assassination Archives & Research Center

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

JFK Lancer

The entire 26 volumes of the Warren Commission Report available for download from the Government Printing Office