Ruth Paine gives a talk in response to the film

Smith: Finding strange bedfellows among JFK conspiracy fans “It’s been more than 50 years,” the 84-year-old Paine told a clutch of neighbors Tuesday evening in the library at the Friends House retirement community in Rincon Valley. The Quaker and retired teacher said she’d hoped it would have become evident long ago, certainly to open and […]

JFK news is heating up in 2017

The assassination has been in the news quite a lot recently.  The media is starting to catch on to the JFK Records Release with stories on MSNBC, Salon, Politico, The Independent, and several others. The Trump angle of the story seems too irresistible–the President is the only one who can block the remaining documents scheduled […]

Kickstarter Campaign Complete!

We just finished an amazing and exhausting Kickstarter campaign.  Thanks to everyone who has supported the film.  One month ago, we were an unknown project with no funding.  Today, thousands of people are looking forward to seeing this film and we’ve raised $25,000 towards completing it. Huge gratitude goes out to everyone who has shown […]

Kickstarter Campaign ends 4/22!

It’s been a nerve-racking three weeks fundraising on Kickstarter.  With just three days left, we’re in striking distance of our $25K goal.  Thank you to everyone who has supported the project!  With a little more help, we can make it…

CIA & JFK? Here’s a great place to start…

The Mary Ferrell Foundation has an excellent essay on the connections between CIA and the JFK Assassination.  If you’d like some background on this issue from a trustworthy source, this is the place to start. If you’re not ready to read a book on the assassination, at least take a look at this. The Mary […]